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Deep breath…a long listy venty post.

  • 10/31/11: Surgery to remove tumor margins and temporarily resect colon to allow reconnection later.  Surgery takes eight hours.
  • Spent 5 days in ICU due in part to tachycardia and excessive blood loss.  Took 2 blood transfusions.  Discharged 3 days later with temporary ileostomy.  Epic trouble in managing same (decreased but continuing).
  • At home, in increasing pain.  Have not eaten or drank sufficient amounts in weeks.
  • Readmitted to the hospital with severe dehydration and pain. 
  • After several days, sent to radiology for ‘leak study.’  Not informed that “leak study” involves the unexpected and rapid shooting of freezing cold liquids in the area of study.  No hilarity ensues.
  • Abscess discovered and drains installed.  Cannot sleep on front or back. 
  • Discharged to physical rehab home.  Am youngest resident by far.  Given PT, OT and much better food.  Shared bathroom presents amusing issues.
  • Drain removed by surgeon.  Pain meds increased.  Working the PT/OT.  Figuring out the cable channels.  
  • 12/23/11: Discharged home.  Hasty Christmas Eve spent with dad and stepmother.
  • 12/31/11: Pleasant New Year’s Eve, after time spent missing friends.
  • Today: Insomnia and thirst persist.  Frustration with ostomy continues; trying to research solutions and/or coping strategies.  Impatient with long recovery time shared with surgeon who doesn’t deny that this is what happens after (see above).  Still on buckets of pain meds.  Reflecting on all of the above may or may not be helpful.  Shrink appointment on Monday much needed.

Informercials!  Off to drift off to sleep to Proactiv ads!

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